C is for Clinton

Obamacare was a lie

In Wisconsin, rates for Obamacare are going up as much as 30%. The average family will pay thousands more for their plan. 37,000 people will lose their coverage. And more will lose their doctors. Who’s to blame? Hillary Clinton claimed she invented it when she said, "Before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare" and Russ Feingold, cast the deciding vote. If they win, we lose.
Clinton Corruption

The Crown Prince of Bahrain pledged $32 million to Clinton Foundation projects. After the State Department denied his request for a meeting, the Clinton Foundation intervened and the Crown Prince got the meeting. Later, Hillary Clinton's State Department approved new arms sales to Bahrain. 16 foreign governments donated up to $170 million to the Clinton Foundation and got access to Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton sold access to our government as Secretary of State, what will she do as President?